Our Gym is Now Open!

We are very excited to announce that we are now reopening our personal training services. We will continue to offer online training sessions as well as outdoor classes in addition to personal training. We will be taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, check below for more information.


We are so excited to be able to finally make this announcement! We are now officially ready to offer the Anova Online training experience to the world. Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our website to launch version 2 of the platform. Please bear with us during this period as there may be unexpected outages as we transition to a better platform. We have also had to make the decision to remove all existing accounts. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. We simply need to use our development resources for the best uses and we decided it would be better to focus on offering a better overall experience to our clients with new features as opposed to transitioning legacy accounts.

 As of today, all existing accounts have been removed form our servers and all login features have been disabled. Once version 2 is up and running users will be able to create a new account to access our site. We are confident you will LOVE our new platform. Users will be able to subscribe to customised workouts, receive tips, and access all existing Anova feature (i.e., sign up for in person classes).

-The Anova Team



-Your trainer will be wearing a mask. We encourage clients to wear a mask while training, but it is optional.


Your trainer will maintain distancing throughout the session and will not touch any equipment. Clients are responsible for disinfecting any equipment used during the final 5 minutes of the session.

Limiting Training Time

Sessions will be 45 minutes without clientele crossover or sharing of space. There will no longer be group or partner sessions unless you’re training with a household member (spouse etc).

-Do not enter the studio until your specified time slot. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or the parking lot.


At the front entrance of Anova there will be an Alberta Health - Public Facilities Covid-19 Poster on display to read. If you answer yes to any of the questions you will be asked to leave and come back another time. You will also be asked by your trainer if you have ANY symptoms of illness.

-When entering the studio space it will be assumed that this is your “verbal” sign-in and you do not have ANY symptoms of illness.

Additional details:

-We ask that you take any personal items (shoes, water bottle etc) home with you and there will no longer be disposable water cups.

-The washroom is only to be used when necessary. In which case, there will be soap, hand sanitizer, paper towel and a disinfectant to spray when finished.

-The front and back doors will remain open to ensure natural ventilation/air flow and limit hand contact. Therefore, we recommend bringing an extra layer if it’s cooler.

-You will enter at the front of Anova and leave at the rear exit to avoid inadvertently interacting with the next client.


Qualified and industry leading trainers

We offer the best trainers.

One on one and small group packages

Train one on one over to internet, or join in on a live streamed group class!


What Our Client Say About Us

Anova is a great place to work out and invest in my health: clean and safe, good equipment, personalized service, and customized training for my unique goals, physical needs, and level of motivation. And I am really enjoying working with Derek: he is motivating, friendly, and genuinely helpful. I am improving my health and learning about the newest fitness & health methodologies. I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Joel Shapiro Calgary, AB

    The workouts are great; they'll test you and improve you.  All done in a convivial atmosphere.

    Jeff Hale Calgary, AB

      The workouts are constantly changing which helps keep me engaged and motivated. I have noticed quick improvements in my strength and endurance, especially in my problem areas. I would highly recommend Anova for anyone looking to use a personal trainer.

      Devon Deobald Calgary, AB

        I would highly recommend Anova Fitness.  No two workouts are the same. He works on your weaker areas strengthening them every session. I have seen great results in my strength and fitness in a two month period.

        Nic D Calgary, AB

          Derek helped me get fit for hip replacement surgery, which sped up my recovery time. Post-surgery, he has enabled me to become fit and healthy - his program is tailored to meet my specific needs, but ensures full body strength at the same time. I highly recommend Anova Fitness for personalized service, programs that work for the individual, and for Derek's caring about each client's success.

          Sue Hare Calgary, AB
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