Anova COVID-19 Guidelines:

Anova COVID-19 Guidelines:

***At the front entrance of Anova there will be an Alberta Health – Public Facilities Covid-19 Poster on display to read. If you answer yes to any of the questions you will be asked to leave and come back another time. You will also be asked by your trainer if you have ANY symptoms of illness. When entering the studio space it will be assumed that this is your “verbal” sign-in and you do not have ANY symptoms of illness.*** 

-Sessions will be 45 minutes without clientele crossover or sharing of space. There will no longer be group or partner sessions unless you’re training with a household member (spouse etc).

-Do not enter the studio until your specified time slot. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or the parking lot.

-Your trainer will maintain distancing throughout the session and will not touch any equipment. Clients are responsible for disinfecting any equipment used during the final 5 minutes of the session. 

-We ask that you take any personal items (shoes, water bottle etc) home with you and there will no longer be disposable water cups. 

-The washroom is only to be used when necessary. In which case, there will be soap, hand sanitizer, paper towel and a disinfectant to spray when finished.

Additional Info

-The front and back doors will remain open to ensure natural ventilation/air flow and limit hand contact. Therefore, we recommend bringing an extra layer if it’s cooler.

-You will enter at the front of Anova and leave at the rear exit to avoid inadvertently interacting with the next client.

-Your trainer will be wearing a mask. We encourage clients to wear a mask, but it is optional.

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