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Basic Info:

First Name: User
Last Name: test
Username: user1

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4039935561

Training Space Info:

Where is your “typical” training space (outside, gym, living room, etc) [92]
Training space:

Training Space Video (optional):

What cardio equipment do you have?
What resistance equipment do you have?
What other exercise equipment do you have?
Anything else we should know about your training space? [31]


List the main focuses of your training in order of importance:
What are some of your current activities?
Do you have any old injuries we should know about?
Do you have any current injuries or tweaks we should know about?

App Info:

What app will you be using? [74]
FaceTime or Skype username/email/phone: [76][75]

Times to Train:

How many times would you like to train per week? [97]
What days of the week are you “typically” available to train? [37]
*Note: Days will show times beside them if they have been selected*
Monday Times [38]
Tuesday Times [63]
Wednesday Times [62]
Thursday Times [61]
Friday Times [60]
Saturday Times [65]
Sunday Times [64]

Any additional scheduling info?

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